četvrtak, 4. lipnja 2015.


PAŠTICADA/ BEEF CLOD (shoulder) prepared in Dalmatian way (DALMATIAN "PASTICADA")

Beef clod (shoulder)
Onions   2 big
Carrot 3 big
Selenium root
Parsley root
Bay leaf  2-3
Cloves 5-6
Rosemary   1 sprig
Salt and pepper
Vinegar   5-6 spoons (Table spoons)
Red wine 1L


Place the meat in a big (at least 2 L) cooking pot
Add onions (cut into large pieces), carrots (previously cut) , selenium, parsley, bay leaves, cloves, little bit of salt and pepper, rosemary, pour the vinegar and the wine and leave everything to rest over the night in a cold place (not necessarily fridge).

Take the meat out, drain it and clean it with a paper napkin.
 Brown the meat in a well preheated fat . When the meat is very dark pull out it . 

At the same oil fry the bacon around 100g and 2-4 onions on larger pieces . Add the vegetables and herbs from the marinade ... 

After roasted , back pieces of meat and start watering from the marinade in small quantities ... so cooking over medium heat for about 3 hours . 

After 2 hours of cooking add 1 apple , 2-3 tablespoons sour cherries or a few prunes , 2 tablespoons of honey . Remove the meat , cover with foil , and the sauce stick blender grind ... 

Boil it again , add spices at will and taste and associate it with 1 tablespoon of flour diluted in some soup . Meat cut into slices and serve it with the sauce with potato dumplings .