petak, 5. lipnja 2015.

MEDALLIONS in a white wine, mustard and honey sauce

Veal or pork steak (or fillet), mustard, flour, white wine, garlic, honey, butter, Salt  and pepper


-Cut the meat into pieces,   flatten each piece using a mallet or heavy weight (put a see through wrap so you don't damage meat fibers)
-Salt the meat and roll each piece in flour
-Heat a frying pan with oil and put fry the meat, untill each peace gets gold/bronz colour on both sides 
-Remove the meat from the pan and add garlic (previously chopped) into the same pan
-Poure wine over the garlic. When wine evapourates, add mustard and honey (stirr it with some water)
-Put the meat back in the pan and cook for 10 more minutes, adding some water for the sauce
-Season  it with salt and pepper as you like


Cut 1 onion into small pieces and fry it on oill, add the peas and cook/fry untill softened.

Separately, cook 2 potatoes. Mash them by hand (not mixer/blender). 
Add some butter and milk and add the peas. Stirr gently all together.
+ Grate carrot and fry it on oil, salt it and serve